Popular Tooth Fairy Games For Mobile Phones

5 Nov

The Tooth Fairy is a popular icon for children around the world. Parents may give money or gifts to their kids after they lose a tooth. Placing the tooth under the bed is perfect for kids wanting a big surprise. There are games featuring the tooth fairy character. A set of developers are working to distribute the game for new phone projects. That adds character for players captivated by the game experience.

The Real Tooth Fairies

To get started, new players have to answer questions on a simple quiz. That may teach them a little about Tooth Fairy lore. Once players get started, they begin a quest as they Tooth Fairy character. Players will uncover the real Fairyland on their way to finding the tooth they lost.

Some parts are pretty challenging, best left to older kids who understand video games. It tests reflexes and knowledge of fantasy at the same time. Players can go through several times over to try the game out for themselves.

Tooth Fairy Dress-Up Game

A new game has introduced popular topics for players. Applying make-up and wearing outfits makes the Tooth Fairy come to life. Tooth Fairy Dress-Up Game is definitely a game for girls. Players may enjoy a magical relationship with their character as they advance. The controls are relatively simple, encouraging players to get actively involved. It is free to play for all ages and players. Girls can connect online, following simple commands as part of a new arrangement.

Tooth Fairy Voicemail

Kids can call the number to speak to the Tooth Fairy whenever possible. Voicemail is set up to receive incoming messages from fans. That brings a human element to the Tooth Fairy character. Some kids are willing to believe in the Tooth Fairy concept. Calls are welcome at almost any time, but they may be occasionally fielded by the voice mail system itself. There are options recorded for fans hoping to discuss ongoing interests.

Once connected through the phone, fans can report on their dental issues. They may talk about their missing teeth or how the Tooth Fairy works. Kids may wake up with a wobbly tooth and wonder how they may get it out. The Tooth Fairy offers practical advice and guidance to help people along. Kids may find it fun to talk to a real person playing the Tooth Fairy character via a phone.