Being a Good Entertainer

3 Jun

logo-entertainmentThe entertainment business is sustained by people, and this means that to be a part of this industry you need to be an entertainer. However, how can you be a good entertainer? There are people who simply have immediate success, while others struggle their whole lives to find the secret recipe of being successful in a domain that asks continuous evolvement from you.

Some find it simple being themselves, while others do have a hard time. Here it is what makes an entertainer a good one, and, for the right reasons.

It’s All about Personality

This is very important, because a person that is described as introvert cannot be a really good entertainer. There are some things that you need to be successful in this area, and first of all, you need to be open. Being open means that you can easily communicate with other people. For example, if you run a live show, you will find it easy to talk in front of cameras and connect with your audience, while also interacting with your guests or people on the set.

You need to be a little bold, as this is the attribute of those who are not afraid to confront other people, but you also need to be sophisticated, without being aggressive. To be good, you also need to be able to read your audience and tune to its demands. In addition, you must be able to show that you are in control of what you do.

The Technique

You need to have the right set of skills to run the show. It won’t matter that you do magic, or you present a live reality show. You have to show your audience how skilled you are in what you do. Apart from this, you must really love what you do, because, otherwise, people will notice if you are bored or if you dislike something. Being part of the entertainment business means that you will become very transparent for people following you.

For example, if you are a juggler, you need to be skilled and show that juggling balls or small objects really is an art that you love doing and performing. Be good in what you do, blend your skills into the show that you present, and people will love you.

What to Choose

If you have available more options, go with what people like. Blend your skills with the theme of the show. For example, if you are into a reality show, people will like to see funny things. Be creative and be funny, but don’t overdose it, because it can turn ridiculous.

A fine tuned humor will attract people, the same as a magic show combined with comedy will attract much applause.

Work through the Program

Arts&Entertainment_256gIt won’t matter what you do as an entertainer, but if you have a show, you need to prepare it in the most little details. Start from the beginning – how you look, how you present yourself, what you say next. Go through the whole program, with every move that you can plan, and also thing about unpredictable things. In a few words, try to carefully plan everything, along with the emergency lines in case something goes wrong.

Rehearse everything more than just a few times, and ask a friend to sit as your audience. This way you will get a feedback and see what you need to improve or change. Make sure you know what to say and what comes next, or be good at improvising, but no more than once or twice.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you do for a living in the entertainment industry. What matters is that you remain true to your heart and you enjoy what you do.

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