A Case for Bringing Back the Boarding School

20 Jun

All across the country there are huge problems with public education. Students are more disconnected with their studies more than ever. Public schools have the challenges of trying to educate every student, and the more money that is allocated to education and the more politicians get involved, the less seems to get accomplished. Add to this the new pressures on public schools to do well on and teach to standardized tests. Students are also feeling the pressures of schools. Some students have difficulty with certain subjects, but they do not have time to practice the skills that will make them better at the subjects that they struggle with. Finally, some students struggle with a disjointed family life. More and more students are having to live in more than one during the week because parents are divorced and have joint custody. The problems with education are as varied and diverse as the pupils they are trying to serve.

Solutions to the problem of education should be as diverse as the issues, but boarding schools could be a part of the solution for at least some students. Boarding schools are educational centers which allow students to stay on campus during the week. Students are fed and sleep overnight on the premises. The concept is not a new one. In fact, boarding schools have been around for a very long time and have been used by many countries all around the world. The reason that they have been around for so long is because of the undisputed benefits.

Getting an education should be an immersive experience. An intense education requires a complete attention of the child in their studies and what they are doing. Boarding school allows children to be immersed in their education with limited distraction. In the most ideal of circumstances, a boarding school can provide a sense of family and stability for a student. This is just one of the benefits of having a boarding school education. It contributes to the success of the student.

Education is hard work. A boarding school educational experience allows a student to concentrate on their studies and get extra help if they need it. It also allows them the time to bond with their classmates and teachers. In cases where a student has a miserable home life, a boarding school would allow the students to get away from those situations, even for a brief bit of time. Premier boarding schools in the US like Asheville School of North Carolina or St. George’s School in Rhode Island offer an education that cannot be matched to students.

Boarding schools are not for everyone, but they can offer students a variety of advantages that can propel them to greater student success.